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Crowes® Candle Melts

melts from crowes candle co

Available in 109 Fragrances and Guaranteed to be the best Melts on the market!

Why Crowe's® Candle Melts are ideal:

1. Our melts will richly fragrance a room without the worry of accidentally leaving an open flame unattended.

2. Do you want to fragrance an area but burning candles are prohibited? Crowes® Melts are the perfect solution for you!

3. Individuals have asked for a way to mix and match our scents creating fragrances that are unique. Again, Crowes® Candle Melts are the perfect solution.

4. Our customers have been asking for melts for the past several years. We now have them available in 116 fragrances. And like our candles, they are "Guaranteed to Be the Best" on the market today.

Crowes® Candle melts are our candle wax scented with the same fragrance oils used to scent our candles. But rather than lighting a wick and using an open flame to warm and melt the wax, simply place the candle melt into a ceramic melt bowl, set the bowl on the electric warmer and allow the warmer to melt the wax scenting the room.

Since candle melts have no open flame to consume the wax the wax will remain after the fragrance has been depleted. Simply allow the wax to harden and wipe the ceramic bowl with a wet paper towel.

Maybe the best kept secret in fundraising today! Crowes® Candle Melts are catching fire in the fundraising world (no pun intended!) Choose from over  116 wonderful fragrances!

Steve, Marie & Family

melts from crowes candle co.