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Why Crowe's® Candle Company?

Crowe's Candle Company

When we started this business 34 years ago, our motto was “Guaranteed to be the best candle you will ever buy!” This is a motto we have never wavered from, and continue to stand behind.

We began as a family owned and operated company, and in order to maintain our dedication to making a great candle at an affordable price, we have remained family owned and operated.

All of our raw materials are ordered here in the United States.  Each of our candles are hand poured, we naturally blend all of our fragrances, and we even hand wick and hand label every single candle!

While our dad John was alive, he had a very active role in the business and was loved by all of our customers who visited us at craft fairs . As our children were being raised on our farm, they also had active roles in the candle making and traveled with us to the craft fairs, where we have had the pleasure of getting to meet many our our customers and watching their children grow right along with ours. Now we even have our grandsons spending more and more time in the candle shop and beginning to travel to the craft fairs as well.  

It is truly a blessing to us that we have been in business for 34 years, and have never had to jeopardize our beliefs or take short cuts in order to stay in business.

There is not a day that goes by that we are not thankful for the continued dedication we get from all of our customers!


Steve, Marie & Family

Steve and Marie Crowe 2016
Marie and Steve Crowe

Did you know...
- For the past 34 years Crowes Candles
have been made in Fredericktown, MO 63645.
- The company is family owned and operated.
- All candle contents are also Made in the USA

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Guaranteed to be "The Best Candle You Will Ever Buy"™